Tourism – a promising sector with global opportunities

Tourism and technology travel well together. With advancements in technology the outcome has given the feeling that 'the world has become smaller' and undoubtedly has effected the way people make their choices. Tourism proves how people are deciding to spend their spare time, thus adding new dimensions to an already growing industry. The lust for travelling has increased in the last few years. Experts forecast that the number of tourist worldwide will rise from 668 million in the year 2000 to 1.561 billion in the year 2020.

Traveling broadens the mind
Reasons for traveling are very different. Tourism caters to many needs and groups. People travel often for business normally in a hectic pace. But to get away from their stressful side of life they travel for pleasure: to invoke on a new adventure or experience other cultures or a quite relaxing trip to be pampered and stress-free for a period of time. The traveler of today has unlimited options to choose from and ways to research that perfect trip that satisfies their whim. The tourism industry can offer trips ranging from an excursion in Antarctica to an all inclusive tropical beach holiday. Every traveler has a specific desire for the trip they plan. The tourism industry is sending a postcard to the world.

The future is in tourism
On the basis of all these facts it is no surprise that the tourism industry is one of the fastest and largest growing industries. Over 100 Million people are working in the tourism industry making it the biggest employer in the world. This industry represents a permanent connection with people worldwide and draws the attention for an international awareness. There are no boundaries for the rapid growth in the tourism sector. Experts forecast that within the next two years the area of E-Tourism will reach the borders of billions.

Working in the tourism industry
The tourism industry is a very diverse field and is exempt of boredom and routine. Anyone who enjoys working with people and is interested in discovering the world can find a suitable place in this area. The tourism industry assures an exciting and enjoyable working environment – after all the industry fulfills the dreams of many people. They organise complete journeys as well as spontaneous Last-Minute offers. The fulfillment of individual needs and having a customer-oriented mentality are very important in this sector.

Entrance into the tourism industry
The chances and possibilities of getting involved in the tourism sector are endless. There are diverse training and course programmes of study to choose from improving the chances of advancement in your career. The tourism industry offers an array of employment opportunities all over the world.

With applied training and course of studies in the tourism industry many possibilities open in this sector (i.e. setting up a business). These varieties of options are also offered to the adjacent areas like the hotel sector and gastronomy.

Certain personality characteristics like the ability to work as a team, customer orientation and last but not least an understanding of foreign language is an absolute must. Anybody who is spontaneous, has a grasp of foreign languages and ready to get to know new cultures and customs from day to day is perfect for the tourism industry.